Power Up Your Influencer Outreach with Impactful Content

The world has slowly grown into a digital hub with over 75% of its population “online.” Both old and young age groups have deemed it fit to project more into this virtual world and that is where we come in!

Social media with a wider audience has necessitated the rise of social media influencers in almost every field, and this is exactly what we’ll be looking at in this blog.

However, before going into the deep content, at least first you should know…

Who is an Influencer?

Just to make you understand we are giving you a basic, and easy to understand definition, which simply expresses the characteristics and jobs of an influencer.

An influencer could be a niche marketer, niche creator, popular figure, ambassador, or an individual with a large follower/fan base that can influence the decision of others on a brand, they are people with power to cause buying decision in a positive mood for a brand.

What work does one need to do as an Influencer?

Understanding the role of an influencer is quite easy to relate with the job of a social media influencer but, here, is a simple definition; a social media influencer is an individual with large followers on social media and influences the decisions or trends of their respected niches to favor a particular brand or product.

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Though the job of a social media influencer is simple, clear and precise, there are few skills a social media influencer must possess (especially in the world of fashion).

  • Photography: This is one skill that without exaggeration, is extremely important, Influencers must be able to engage their audience with quality pictures.
  • Videography or Video Creation: Videos are fast becoming one of the most amazing ways to get through to an audience, with engaging high-quality videos.
  • Content Creation: There’s nothing that can happen here without content, this is the foundation for all that is done. So, expertise in content creation is highly necessary.
  • Digital Marketing: To be an authority in a given field, you must know how it runs, digital marketing is the full package. Good knowledge of digital marketing will do you much good as an influencer and save you fewer problems.
  • Entrepreneurship Skills: Understanding this is business is key! And the skills of an entrepreneur will come in handy, both in the short and long run.

Here, a few basic skills every social media influencer must have been enlisted (though there could be more depending on your niche).

How to power up your Influencers reach?


The next step to take once you have the above skills in mind is great content.

As an influencer content isn’t everything but it most important thing, and that is why it is stated as one of the key skills to be a good social media influencer.

But let’s pick a niche, shall we…? Fashion.

Fashion is quite famous niche for fashion bloggers and social media influencers.

In this industry making your name doesn’t happen overnight, as it’s not a day’s job.

However, to be an influencer, you should have authority in a certain niche, and this requires time and consistent effort. It is social media, you should be able to churn out engaging content (writing, pictures, videos, etc.)

So, if you possess the skills what we’ve talked above, but not quite where you think you should be, you just need a “power-up” and you’re doing the right thing, reading this article, even as we take you through how to churn out engaging and impactful content.

How to create an impactful content?

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We would be taking you through a journey to creating impactful and highly responsive content, to enable you to beat the reach you’ve dreamed of.

  1. Post content that worth the value

Many times, we make the mistake of always going promotional, but that isn’t how we should start if we want to be successful as influencers, rather give your followers value. People will only come after a value; this is how we can engage our audience and earn their trust.

  1. Have a strong content strategy

Just like the basic laws of success, anything that’s going to be successful needs to have a good plan/strategy. It is the same as an influencer or influencer marketing. So, create a good content strategy (also use a mix of content type, though this largely depends on what your audience likes best).

Few influencers dedicate their feeds completely to their chosen niche or field of interest. Like we have chosen to focus on the fashion niche in this article.

A fashion influencers posts content should base on the fashion things like runways, modeling, trending clothing lines, shoes, bags & accessories, etc. and post sponsored contents or graphics of particular products or personal preferences.

However, you should note it down that whatever strategy you adopt, ensure it can accommodate future brand association for your work.

  1. Be consistent with your content posting

One major key to leads or visibility is regular posting, you are therefore required to finalize on a posting frequency schedule. Because of the majority of the algorithm for most social media sites prefer accounts with regular posts.

May we advise that the best platform to start and build influencer marketing is on Instagram (it is one of the biggest platforms available for influencer marketing). Your posting frequency is the number of times you get to post, either on a daily, weekly or at whatever pace or time you choose.

  1. Engage with your followers

The moment you start updating posts, people will begin to respond to the post by liking or commenting. To grow your presence and constantly connect with followers, it is highly necessary to reply to the comments or reactions.

Ask questions, build conversations with them, like and promptly respond, no matter how silly or rude they sound.

With this guide, you’re on your way to having a great life and career as a social media influencer.

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